Who doesn’t love Buzzfeed quizzes?

I love taking quizzes, especially if they are from Buzzfeed. Most of them are silly but I believe we need to have some type of silliness in our lives once in a while. So, I made a list of the quizzes I took this week and I thought it would be nice if I share with you. Have fun!

A mí me encanta hacer quizzes, especialmente si son de Buzzfeed. La mayoría de ellos son algo tontos pero pienso que a veces necesitamos tener un poquito de ese sentido de tonterías en nuestras vidas. Así que hice una lista de los quizzes que realicé esta semana porque pensé que sería divertido compartirlo con ustedes. ¡Que se diviertan! 



  1. 15 Impossible “Would You Rather” Questions For Ice Cream Lovers
  2. Which Member Of The Skywalker Family Are You?
  3. Can You Identify The Film By Its Famous Car Scene?
  4. How Does Your Home Compare To Everyone Else’s?
  5. What Should Your College Major Be Based On Your TV Choices?
  6. Do Your Classic Movie Opinions Actually Suck?
  7. Which Florida Attraction Should You Visit?
  8. Select Your Favorite Meals And We Will Tell You Your Ideal Pinterest Bedroom


Share your results in the comments section down below!



Posted by:Gato Martínez

Lifestyle blogger, film student and digital content creator.

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