Lately, I’ve found myself lusting after shoes that I’m a 99% sure I don’t need right now. The other 1% though, is screaming at me to buy them. And to be honest, I’m leaning more torwards that 1%. But whatever! It’s not a crime to lust after beautiful shoes. I mean, look at them! Aren’t so aesthetically pleasing? So yeah, here’s my current shoe wishlist!

Últimamente, he estado queriendo tener zapatos que – estoy 99% segura – no necesito ahora. Sin embargo, el otro 1% me está gritando para que los compre y para se completamente honesta, creo que me estoy inclinando más hacia ese 1%. Igual, no es un crimen estar babeando por zapatos hermosos. Es que, ¡Mírenlos! ¿No son estéticamente agradables a la vista? Pero bueno, aquí les dejo la lista de zapatos que quiero. 


(Click on list below and find more about the prices!)

  1. Patent Ankle Boots
  2. FUND Embroidery Shoes
  3. Night Out Ankle Boot
  4. Breezy Heel
  5. Boudoir Slide Sandal
  6. Chunky Gladiator Wedges
  7. Intentionally Blank Rosa Embroidered Suede Boot

What do you think of these picks? Which one is your favorite?


Posted by:Gato Martínez

Lifestyle blogger, film student and digital content creator.

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